Ruggie The Alarm Clock Pressure Mat

$68.84 $80.99

Hitting snooze on all those alarms and oversleeping will become a thing of the past! This super soft velvet pressure-sensitive memory foam alarm clock mat forces you to physically get out of bed to start your day! This alarm clock has no snooze options; you must stand on it for 5 seconds to deactivate the annoying beep while a helpful LED display shows you the time. 

Customize your alarm sound by simply connecting a USB cable to your computer and importing your favorite  songs. 

People around the world lose to the snooze everyday; they lose precious time, energy, and will power... As you wake up earlier and easier, you'll naturally gain minutes to your days, hours to your weeks, and days to your years! Extra time and energy to get more done!



NOTE: Powered by 3AA Batteries (Not Included)



  • Effortlessly Get Out Of Bed.
  • Defeat The Snooze & Never Sleep In Again.
  • Wake Up Motivated.
  • Get More Done!